Printable Schedules and Resources

I have been meaning to share some of the charts I’ve made in hopes that someone out there may find them useful for their own household. I remember when I was trying to come up with a concise a plan for my son, I had wished there were some pre-made charts to look at, to give me ideas of what I wanted and needed. I couldn’t find much out there and I saw a need for that. Fortunately I had friends and professionals who were willing to help me brainstorm. So it has been very important to me that once I created our system and tested it out, I put it out there for others to use. I believe (and am hoping) that once you save the files, you will be able to edit them to fit your family should you choose. If not, at least they can serve as ideas if you need them. I have lost the original file for one document and had to scan it as an image instead, so unfortunately that one cannot be edited, unless you’re crafty with photo shop. I am not.

So here is the list of what I am including:

This is our Monday-Friday schedule of expectations so that everyone knows what the general plan will be and what is allowed. I feel like it is mostly for me sometimes, to keep me accountable with our screen time goals. We also use a weekend schedule in our home but that is just what works for our family.

Our Monday-Friday Responsibility/Earning Chart is used as a way for the kids to earn their video game minutes by completing daily tasks. This can be customized for what your child is working on. Our chart has evolved and changed a few times as my kids developed. You can decide what you want them to achieve and how to allocate the minutes for each task. Right now we have simplified our chart to have school be the highest earner (and must be completed) and chores to be additional bonus minutes. In the past we have added additional bonus minutes for mornings/afternoons without unexpected behaviors and you could add bonus minutes for anything you are working on with your child.

I left the name slots blank and the “Bank” is where we add our bonus minutes. If you think it would be necessary, the bank can also be used to roll over minutes from the previous day if something gets in the way of screen time and your child isn’t able to cash out their minutes. I recommend putting a cap on how many roll over minutes you can use each day so that you don’t end up with 3+ hours of game time.

A picture chart to show behaviors that are considered normal, reasonable and expected. These behaviors cause everyone to feel comfortable and result in positive consequences.

This is our family’s typical school day schedule, when everyone is at their best. It does not always look like this, depending on what life throws our way, but this is the framework that we base our homeschool year off of.

***If you came here looking for the calm down clip art in the image of this post, you will be able to find it at Twinkl***

I hope this post was helpful to someone and I wish you the best for the remainder of your school year!

Soon, if time permits, I will be posting a review about a Social Emotional Learning curriculum that we tried this year and maybe a little more about Miacademy.

I hope you have a great week!


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