Studying the Ocean: Project Ideas and Videos

For the past three weeks we have been studying four types of the ocean floor as well as the ocean zones. This year we have been using the Classical Conversations Cycle 1 curriculum at home, without a community. Learning together at home and using YouTube videos works best for our family in this season. I love the layout and content in CC but halfway through the year I backed off from using the full curriculum and stopped emphasizing memory work so much. I decided to just use the Foundations guide as an organized guideline of the topics we would cover in science and history. We had created a lot of memory work games and it worked for a while but our family had a very rough winter and we needed things to be lighter. This involved using more time on the couch for morning time together. Our morning time has included Bible time, read alouds, Life of Fred, YouTube videos about the topics we’re studying and projects. I’ve honestly really enjoyed this change of pace!

For the oceans unit, we studied each portion for about a week and a half and then made our projects. I found this ocean floor project, shared by another CC mom, over at Solaratiamom. For the ocean zones we added to the original project by using the cover of the shoe box to divide our zones and put the animals in their appropriate places. I did a simple google search and pulled from random sources and printed out a collection of clip art and images to cut and paste. I loved how easy this project was and the kids love having a secret ocean shoebox that they can open and close and store in their room.

We read from books like, “Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia” by John Woodward and The Usbourne Science Encyclopedia. Here is our playlist of videos that we watched on YouTube over the past three weeks. My boys most enjoyed learning about all of the creepy and cool living things in the Bathypelagic and Abyssalpelagic zones! We haven’t filled up our Trench zone yet! If you are studying the ocean with your children, I hope you found this helpful! Happy Homeschooling!

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